iNOP deliverables

Over the course of an iNOP project, different results are delivered at certain stages.

After the initial rough optimization iNOP allows to have the first impression regarding potential savings on the basis of a few typical indicators. The results provide a good picture on savings, which can be achieved with high probability after a thorough optimization.

The first full run of iNOP delivers more detailed figures of potential savings on the base of Customer’s requests; the optimization may focus on any CAPEX or OPEX elements. As these are nearly the final results, they enable the Customer to make a decision on how to implement changes into the network.

The iterative evaluation and refining of the plan delivers the final report and detailed optimized network plan which is a ready-to-execute program – so the implementation can begin without any further planning.

iNOP deliverables
•   First impression of potential savings
•   iNOP optimization based on Customer’s needs
•   Detailed figures of potential savings
•   Detailed optimization plan
•   Ready-to-execute implementation program
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