iNOP project step by step

An INOP project is implemented in multiple steps.

The initial phase begins when the customer accepts the necessity of the network optimization. Once the decision regarding an iNOP optimization project is made, Koonsys gathers the necessary information from the Customer’s network. This is followed by a rough optimization with iNOP which provides the first impression concerning potential savings. At this point a go/no go decision is made by the customer to continue the project and the desired optimization priority is set.

Next, iNOP by Koonsys does the thorough optimization. The first step is data preparation and cleaning. This critical step is where Koonsys, alongside the Customer, define and clarify the exact optimization targets and priorities. Once the iNOP optimization process is complete, a comprehensive and absolute determining on potential savings is delivered. Based on the results the customer will then make final decision about implementation of the optimized network plan.

If the customer decides to proceed, than the optimization plan is fine tuned in iterative steps to be ready for implementation. The process is brought to a finish with a final report including the detailed optimized plan, and a step-by-step ready-to-execute implementation program.

After the initial rough optimization the customer can also decide to skip the second phase and continue directly with iterative evaluation resulting in a detailed optimized plan.

Finally the customer has the freedom to make a decision about when and how to implement the optimized network plan.

A normal process diagram with rough lead times can be seen below:


The first and last steps are not a part of the iNOP process. The first step is part of the initial assessment and the last step is carried out by the Customer. iNOP experts can assist with both these steps but are not necessarily involved.

The total net lead time of a normal iNOP project is 8-10 weeks.

The iNOP project step by step
•   Data collection and cleaning
•   Setting optimization targets and priorities
•   Optimization process with iterative evaluation
•   Final report including detailed optimized plan
•   Ready-to-execute implementation program
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