TCO optimization by iNOP

Mobile network operators are under double pressure nowadays. New technologies emerge and are subsequently deployed in the networks. Mobile data is booming, new services introduced for subscribers requiring more and more bandwidth in the networks. Providing the required capacity for radio sites is a continuous challenge for network operators.

At the same time ARPU is decreasing, customer acquisition costs are increasing and margins erode due to fierce competition. Technology life cycle shortens along with payback time, which is a challenge for investment. However despite all this, shareholders want to maintain EBIDTA level putting a cost saving pressure on operators.

How to solve the paradox of combined capacity enhancement and cost saving?

The unique TCO focused network optimization of iNOP brings unparalleled results. Whilst technical network characteristics are improved, the capital and operating expenditures are streamlined at entire network level all delivered at the same time.

iNOP also takes into consideration your unique technical and financial corporate priorities during the project. The TCO focused optimization balances your investments and operating costs on an optimal way.

CAPEX optimization includes

  • Reduced number of microwave links (less equipment, antennas and implementation cost)
  • Optimized spending of investment budget

OPEX optimization results in

  • Balanced utility costs, support fees and maintenance costs
  • Optimized frequency fee
  • Enhanced spectrum efficiency

An iNOP optimized network has a better TCO and more optimal cost structure as before.

TCO optimization by iNOP
•   Resolve paradox of higher capacity and lower costs
•   Minimized CAPEX
•   Optimized OPEX structure
•   Enhanced network performance
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