TCO savings by iNOP

Each and every network operator optimizes according to their unique corporate priority. This may be TCO, CAPEX, OPEX, capacity, implementation time or frequency fee. Regardless of your needs iNOP can accommodate any range of personalized requirements, any arbitrarily weighted combination to each specific user.

CAPEX savings

  • Number of microwave links (less equipment and antennas, less implementation cost)

After iNOP optimization the network topology becomes more cost effective, more fluid in operation, future proof, and the number of microwave links are reduced. Fewer equipment and antennas are used and naturally less implementation and commissioning work is needed resulting in considerable savings in CAPEX.

OPEX savings

  • Price of electricity
  • Support fee to vendor
  • 1st and 2nd line maintenance ratio
  • Frequency fee
  • Personal allowances

An iNOP optimized network has significant savings in OPEX. Due to the reduced number of microwave links, operating cost elements, such as energy, equipment vendor support, maintenance, personnel work and frequency fees are all reduced.

TCO savings with iNOP
•   OPEX
•   Frequency fee
•   1st and 2nd line maintenance fees
•   Vendor related S&M fees
•   End of Life replacement fees
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