What is iNOP

iNOP (Intelligent Network Optimization)

iNOP by Koonsys is a unique, state of the art network optimization solution addressing both cost savings and network enhancement challenges of network operators.

iNOP is an E2E service for telecom carriers integrating cutting edge mathematical optimization algorithms complemented with complex engineering know-how, financial measures and an End-to-End service approach.

Organically developing networks always have significant deficiencies in their structure because:

(1) Networks become denser as they develop over time (2) New radio technologies are deployed which require different planning methods and higher bandwidth (3) Network operators under time and cost pressure simply do not have either the time or budget to periodically re-optimize the transmission network.

The result is complex, less-than-optimal transmission network. That eventually means the physical and logical complexity of the network exceeds a limit where traditional engineering can no longer cope with the challenges. There are so many interdependent or mutually exclusive financial and technical requirements of network development, that the Operator loses the chance to re-plan and re-organize its network to the theoretical peak level. A somewhat better network is achievable but it is always far from optimal performance and cost structure.

iNOP can undertake various optimization aspects, utilizing a range of priorities and encompasses an arbitrarily weighted combination of requirements fitting the Operator’s corporate needs at any stage of network lifecycle. iNOP optimization process incorporates numerous technical and financial achievements such as:

  • Simplified network topology
  • Reduced operating expenditures and frequency usage fee
  • Increased transmission capacity
  • Lower cost per megabit
  • Higher network availability
  • Less overloaded HUB sites with optimized structure
  • Optimized capital expenditures and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

iNOP is risk-free for operators as it provides an outstandingly high return on investment and short payback time.

What is iNOP?
•   Unique E2E transmission network optimization solution
•   Cutting edge mathematical algorithms
•   Customized optimization based on various aspects
•   High savings and network enhancement potential
•   Risk-free with fast payback time
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